As Adam cradled the little toy baby in his arms, half of the crowd ooh-ed and aaw-ed. That sent Adam smiling, excitement glistened in his eyes. He caressed its head and hummed a lullaby.

"And over there we have Adam practicing how to carry a baby properly!" Slater announced on the mic. "He’s officially Dadams in a few weeks, have you all heard about that?" 

He got ear-splitting screams for a response. 

Adam grabbed his mic and grinned. “Yeah so if I don’t practice holding this right, I cant be a good dad.”

"Mate, the foot’s falling off!" Mike said, pointing at the foot and laughing. The rest copied his example and started laughing as well, but was that because it was falling off or because Mike’s chuckling made anyone laugh? 

Adam held the little foot and tried putting it back. Fortunately, he succeeded  He raised the toy up, Lion King style. 

From the other end of the stage, Kyle walked to Adam saying, “Seems only yesterday our little Adam had fallen off the bed, now he’ll be dad!” 

He laughed as he watched his other band members grin, since they all share the same memory. 

"I wouldn’t have," replied Adam "If you hadn’t been pushing me!" He use the toy’s hand to point at them.

"It seems like it was only yesterday that I got bored and decided to shave your head!" Slater mentioned, reenacting the way he had gotten rid of Adam’s hair. 

They all start laughing, and the people got even louder as one said a much more hilarious memory than the other. Giggles and screams alike filled the whole stadium that when Cameron spoke, it was almost impossible to hear his voice. 

"Seems like it was only yesterday when Charlie stole your underwear."

No, it wasn’t quite impossible at all. 

The noise got even louder, now that the five boys laughed along with the crowd, obviously forgetting the fact that their mics were on. 

"She didn’t steal it!" said Adam, who had turned a little red. "She found it."

"And kept it. Until today." Kyle said confidently. "Who wants to bet?" 

"You all are so dead." Adam warned them. . 

"I’d steal your underwear too!" a girl from the audience screamed.  

"Now that’s a nice idea!" Mike said after he fully recovers from the laughter. 

"No, I don’t think Adam would let anyone near his luggage anymore." Slater said, putting an arm around Adam. "Besides, Dadams has got it locked, and only Charles has access to his underwear, am I right or am I right?"

Adam used the doll’s foot and shoved it in Slater’s mouth, just to make him stop talking. 

"And if he actually does that to Slate using his kid’s foot, I would let all of you know," Cam said. "Because that is how a good dad acts like!"

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